Historic Preservation


Levy Jewelers

Levy Jewelers has been located in downtown Savannah since 1937. After purchasing this building, located on a significant site in the Historic District, the renovation and restoration of the new retail space began. The structure, built in 1947, is significant for its Art Modern style, which is known for its streamline forms and minimal ornamentation. This architectural style reflected the advances in technology, high speed transportation, and innovative construction methods of the the mid-20th century.

Extensive historic research was completed in order to renovate both the exterior and interior to reflect their historic value. The exterior received a new roof; the original stone coping was restored; stucco was restored and painted white, which was the original color; and the terrazzo at the front entrance was replaced to mimic the original design, incorporating a new logo for Levy Jewelers. The interior boasts new lighting, ceilings reinstated to their original height, and advanced technology to give the retail space an efficient and eco-friendly environment. Project received Preservation Awards from the Georgia Trust and the Historic Savannah Foundation.


Restoration of Exterior to re-incorporate historic elements

Renovation of interior spaces to provide owner with up to date technology for their retail space

Interior finishes were restored where remained and new interior finishes mimic historic details