Historic Preservation


Private Residence: Savannah, Georgia, Landmark Historic District

The home was built before 1809 for Frederick Ball. A previous restoration was done to the structure by Mills Bee Lane IV, recreating the original two sided row house. During this restoration, the back porch was added to the structure, spanning the entire length of the row house. Later, another home owner enclosed the porch with framed plate glass and sliding windows adding a kitchen on the lower level and a two story interior space where the exterior back stair was located. This enclosure left the home with interior spaces that were non-functional, as well as an exterior façade that was lacking in architectural detailing.

The current renovation’s goals were to remain sensitive to the restoration done by Mr. Lane, add architectural details and appeal to the back exterior, and create interior spaces that were functional. While maintaining the glass enclosed porch, new bronze clad windows were installed along with a steel French door. The location of the exterior door was moved to the center of the façade in order to create symmetry for the back elevation. This also allowed the interior space on the first floor to function as a kitchen and an eat-in nook. Architectural louvers were also added on the exterior below the new windows to create a wall for the new interior spaces while expressing the exterior rail.

On the second level, the bronze clad windows span the entire length of the home. The challenge was to maintain the expression of the porch bays while creating private spaces within the interior. The end result was the addition of two full bathrooms, a study, and laundry center.

The renovation was successful in creating new articulation and detailing for the porch enclosure, as well as contributes to the quality and efforts of the original restoration done by Mills Bee Lane IV.


Addition to a historic home built before 1809

Two full bathrooms added on 2nd Floor

Kitchen with eat in nook