Historic Preservation


Savannah Classical Academy at St. Pius X

Hansen Architects provided architectural services for the 32,000 square foot renovation and small Music Room addition of the original St.Pius X, now home to Savannah Classical Academy. The original building opened in 1952 as the first African American Catholic school in Savannah, operated by the Diocese of Savannah. The Diocese later turned the building over to the Youth Futures Authority in 1993 as a collaborative effort to improve the lives of area children.

Throughout the building’s 61 years, its exterior had become damaged, the roof was in need of repairs and replacement in some areas and the interior was left abandoned. In 2013, the design and renovation began on the structure. In order to accommodate the school’s program, the interior was renovated to include large classrooms, administrative offices, restrooms suited for young children and a 1,000 square foot addition for a Music Room. The existing gym was renovated to include space for physical activity and a cafeteria. The exterior was repaired as needed with minimal changes being made to the overall appearance, leaving the familiar face of the St. Pius X intact; giving neighbors the opportunity for visual remembrance of their important history with the structure known to many as St. Pius X.


31,000 square feet renovation

1,000 square feet addition for a Music Room

Renovated to house K-8th graders